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Chúa Giêsu trong các sách trong Kinh Thánh

Young Boy reveals JESUS in every Book of the Bible

In GENESIS Jesus is the Ram at Abraham’s altar
In EXODUS He’s the Passover Lamb
In LEVITICUS He’s the High Priest
In NUMBERS He’s the Cloud by day and the Pillar of Fire by night
In DEUTERONOMY He’s the City of our refuge
In JOSHUA He’s the Scarlet Thread out Rahab’s window
In JUDGES He is our Judge
In RUTH He is our Kinsman Redeemer
In 1st and 2nd SAMUEL He’s our Trusted Prophet
And in KINGS and CHRONICLES He’s our Reigning King
In EZRA He’s our Faithful Scribe
In NEHEMIAH He’s the Rebuilder of everything that is broken
And in ESTHER He is Mordecai sitting faithfully at the gate
In JOB He’s our Redeemer that ever liveth
In PSALMS He is my Shepherd and I shall not want
In PROVERBS and Ecclesiastes He’s our Wisdom
And in the SONG OF SOLOMON He’s the Beautiful Bridegroom
In ISAIAH He’s the Suffering Servant
In JEREMIAH and LAMENTATIONS it is Jesus that is the Weeping Prophet
In EZEKIEL He’s the Wonderful Four-Faced Man
And in DANIEL He is the Fourth Man in the midst of a fiery furnace
In HOSEA He is my Love that is forever faithful
In JOEL He baptizes us with the Holy Spirit
In AMOS He’s our Burden Bearer
In OBADIAH our Savior
And in JONAH He is the Great Foreign Missionary that takes the Word of God into all the world
In MICAH He is the Messenger with beautiful feet
In NAHUM He is the Avenger
In HABAKKUK He is the Watchman that is ever praying for revival
In ZEPHANIAH He is the Lord mighty to save
In HAGGAI He is the Restorer of our lost heritage
In ZECHARIAH He is our Fountain
And in MALACHI He is the Sun of Righteousness with healing in His wings.
In MATTHEW “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God”
In MARK He is the Miracle Worker
In LUKE He’s the Son of Man
And in JOHN He is the Door by which every one of us must enter
In ACTS He is the Shining Light at appears to Saul on the road to Damascus
In ROMANS He is our Justified
In 1st CORINTHIANS our Resurrection
In 2nd CORINTHIANS our Sin Bearer
In GALATIANS He Redeems us from the law
In EPHESIANS He is our Unsearchable Riches
In PHILIPPIANS He supplies our every need
And in COLOSSIANS He’s the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily
In 1st and 2nd THESSALONIANS He is our Soon Coming King
In 1st and 2nd TIMOTHY He is the Mediator between God and man
In PHILEMON He is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother
And in HEBREWS He’s the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant
In JAMES it is the Lord that heals the sick
In 1st and 2nd PETER He is the Chief Shepherd
In 1st, 2nd, and 3rd JOHN it is Jesus who has the tenderness of love
In JUDE He is the Lord coming with 10,000 saints
And in REVELATION, He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings-the Alpha and Omega, Great I AM

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